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Architecture and Interior Design

In this day and age architecture, in connection with hotels or holiday homes is becoming even more important and also more popular. Many people have recognised, that architecture makes a huge contribution to peoples well‐being in their direct surroundings. Especially the materials, colours, views, the room layout, the light… are vital, which make a room harmonious and provoke a cosy, comforting feeling. At Südalpenlofts the varied interior design lends individuality to each apartment. This results in an overall picture which is both modern and classic, cosy and simple in design. Here in the Südalpenlofts you are not only invited to come on holiday but also to Live and Enjoy yourself.

Inspiration (latin inspiratio ‚ensoulment‘, ‚inspire‘, from ‚in‘ and spirare ‚breathe‘, ‚breathe‘; cf. spiritus ‚breath‘, ‚mind ‘, ‚spirit‘) gives us Joy again, Lust for Life and Being.

Not only distant places and countries let us submerge into another world, give our life variety, but also particularly the architecture has the inspiring power. A nicely designed room conveys this unasked animation and on stepping in, one is overcome by a surprise effect: Happiness! When Inspiration and Happiness are taken home, then our message has gone down well. This in turn leads to the fact that the guest or resident soon starts to identify himself with the rooms, to feel at ease and relax. It becomes quieter and more harmonious around one and in one. Should one want more of this, more of the repeated Happiness effect, then one gladly returns to this place.

These are the so‐called Regeneration places, where you can be yourself, where you can let yourself go, where you don`t have to unnecessarily conform yourself…Here there is only the need for Tranquility, Rest, Sleep…to do NOTHING, which comes up short in everyday life. Here we can recharge our batteries and regain the energy and vitality for our life at home.


Treat yourself to Time Out in a quiet place …
…in nicely designed Rooms.




Südalpen Lofts

Margarethe und Anton Oitzinger
Am Kömmel 8, 9150 Bleiburg
E-Mail: info@südalpen-lofts.at
Tel.: +43 664 20 12 562


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